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Ringing in our Fears

According to a new report by the Arizona PIRG Education Fund, one year after a new law, robocalls are down and phone company compliance is up. However, robotexts are skyrocketing.

Report | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

Methane Gas Leaks

A new Arizona PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group report documents that gas pipeline incidents across the U.S. were serious enough to require reporting to the federal government at the equivalent of one every 40 hours from 2010 through nearly the end of 2021. Of the nearly 2,600 incidents reported between 2010 and 2021, 850 resulted in fires and 328 in an explosion. Those incidents killed 122 people and injured more than 600. The total costs to communities from items such as property damage, emergency services, and the value of intentionally and unintentionally released gas, totaled nearly $4 billion.

Report | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

New report: Food for thought: Are your groceries safe?

In a new report, Food for thought: Are your groceries safe?, Arizona PIRG Education Fund surveyed 50 of the largest grocery and convenience store chains nationwide on their notification practices and talked to experts about what needs to change to improve both communication and public safety.

Report | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection


Salt River Project (SRP) is rushing a decision to spend nearly $1 billion in customer money for 16 new gas units. However, SRP has not disclosed how much this will cost the average ratepayer nor have they adequately requested or evaluated options to meet electricity demands or reviewed options to spend less money. 

Report | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Tips

The hidden costs of "Buy Now, Pay Later"

Years ago, before credit cards were widespread, department stores offered layaway plans on some items. You paid in advance over a weekly or bi-weekly schedule and the store guaranteed that the item would be in stock after you’d paid the total cost (including some fees for the service). Variants included Christmas clubs and other “holiday club” plans.


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