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Arizona Poll: Clean Energy Provides Economic Opportunity

By | Diane Brown
Executive Director

Arizonans overwhelmingly embrace the idea of growing the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and believe clean energy is important to Arizona jobs and the economy, according to a new statewide poll.

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Salt River Project (SRP) is rushing a decision to spend nearly $1 billion in customer money for 16 new gas units. However, SRP has not disclosed how much this will cost the average ratepayer nor have they adequately requested or evaluated options to meet electricity demands or reviewed options to spend less money. 

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‘Hog-tied’ and fed up: New report shows dealership consolidation makes farmers’ lives harder

According to the Arizona PIRG Education Fund, many farm equipment manufacturers prevent farmers from accessing the software tools they need to fix their modern tractors. The organization states that this “forces farmers to turn to corporate-authorized dealers for many problems, which can lead to high repair bills and delays that can put their crops—and their livelihoods—at risk”. While farmers have always relied on local dealerships for help, more and more those dealerships have been bought up by large chain networks, further reducing competition and exacerbating the problems farmers already face due to repair restrictions.

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Deere in the Headlights II

According to a new Arizona PIRG Education Fund report, software repair locks tie farmers to dealers, putting equipment uptime—and sometimes crops—at risk. Farmers and ranchers rely on equipment such as tractors and combine harvesters to produce America’s food supply. Over the years, that equipment has gotten bigger, more expensive and more digital. The software integrated in modern tractors, ostensibly created to make farm operations more efficient, is being used by manufacturers to lock farmers out of fixing their own equipment. 

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Arizona Corporation Commission Rejects Energy Rules; Puts an End to Crucial Consumer Protections to Eliminate Waste, Save Billions

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) and Arizona PIRG Education Fund denounced today’s action by the Arizona Corporation Commission to put an end to Energy Rules that would have ramped up energy-saving measures and saved Arizonans billions of dollars on their utility bills.

News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

Se Insta a Best Buy a proteger la salud del consumidor colocando etiquetas de advertencia en las estufas de gas

Cuando una estufa de gas típica no se ventila adecuadamente, puede producir niveles de contaminación del aire en interiores que exceden los estándares del aire exterior. Sin embargo, millones de personas en todo el país dependen de las estufas de gas para cocinar. Los estudios muestran que muchos hogares no cuentan con campanas de escape o no las usan regularmente, lo que significa que sus estufas no se ventilan adecuadamente. Según la organización Arizona PIRG Education Fund, parte del problema es que los comerciantes no proporcionan advertencias adecuadas para informar a los consumidores de los peligros o la necesidad de ventilación.

News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

Best Buy urged to protect consumer health with gas stoves labeling

The typical gas stove, when not properly vented, can produce air pollution levels indoors that exceed outdoor air standards. Yet millions across the country rely on gas stoves for cooking. The Arizona PIRG Education Fund has joined with other State PIRG Education Funds to launch a new campaign calling on Best Buy to take a leadership role in the industry, and better educate consumers shopping for new stoves. 

Gas stoves: A hidden health risk in plain sight

Gas stoves, common in millions of American homes, are generally thought of as safe. They’ve been marketed to the public as the unrivaled appliance choice when it comes to serious cooking, but today’s electric and induction cooktops outperform gas, with even professional chefs ditching gas for good. Preferences aside, a growing body of evidence suggests that gas stoves emit pollutants inside of homes at levels that are unsafe, posing a significant threat to health. At the same time, gas stove use can also be linked to negative impacts on our climate.

El Problema del ‘Gas’ en Arizona

Las empresas de servicios públicos de gas y sus socios de la industria han gastado millones de dólares para tartar de convencer a los arizonenses de que el combustible fósil es"limpio" y que los electrodomésticos, como las estufas de gas, son mejores que los eléctricos. Las compañías de gas no le dirán lo que ya el público en general se está dando cuenta: El gas representa un riesgo significativo para la salud pública y la seguridad e impacta de manera negative a los consumidores.

Arizona's 'Gas' Problem

Gas utilities and their industry partners have spent millions of dollars trying to convince Arizonans that the fossil fuel is “clean,” and that appliances, such as gas stoves, are superior to electric ones. Expensive ad campaigns like “cooking with gas” go back decades. In Arizona, Southwest Gas has contributed thousands in campaign cash and lobbied politicians to outlaw local communities from converting their buildings to electric. Gas companies won’t tell you what the public at large is just beginning to learn: Gas poses significant public health and safety risks and negatively impacts consumers.


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