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Jason Donofrio,
Arizona PIRG Education Fund

Transit Supporters Laud Creation of New Rapid Bus Route


Statement of Jesse Victor, Transportation Association for the Arizona PIRG Education Fund, on the connection of a Rapid Bus Line in Chandler to Light Rail:

"Arizona is growing: More people, more traffic and more pollution. The Phoenix area light rail represents a strong initial step our state has taken toward a 21st century transportation solution that moves us forward while creating jobs and reducing the amount of time we spend in traffic, our dependence on oil and the pollution we spew into the air.

"Now, more than ever, Arizonans need a strong public transportation system in order to spur economic development, reduce the burden on Arizonans' pocket books, and help protect air quality and public health. By connecting a rapid bus line in Chandler to the light rail, more citizens in the Southeast Valley will be able to enjoy convenient, economical public transportation."

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