News Release


Diane E. Brown,
Arizona PIRG Education Fund

Members of the Arizona Legislature that Support the Arizona Student Vote Coalition

For Immediate Release

Senator Aboud
Senator Aguirre
Senator Carolyn Allen
Senator Sylvia Allen
Senator Bee
Senator Burns
Senator Burton-Cahill
Senator Gould
Senator Linda Gray
Senator Huppenthal
Senator Leff
Senator Luis Garcia
Senator McCune-Davis
Senator O'Halleran
Senator Rios

Representative Ableser
Representative Alvarez
Representative Anderson
Representative Barnes
Representative Barto
Representative Bradley
Representative Brown
Representative Burges
Representative Jennifer Burns
Representative Cajero Bedford
Representative Chad Campbell
Representative Chabin
Representative Farley
Representative Funkhouser
Representative Gallardo
Representative Garcia
Representative Kavanagh
Representative Konopnicki
Representative Lopes
Representative Lopez
Representative Lujan
Representative Mason
Representative McClure
Representative McComish
Representative McGuire
Representative McLain
Representative Meza
Representative Nelson
Representative Pancrazi
Representative Pearce
Representative Reagan
Representative Rios
Representative Robson
Representative Sinema
Representative Stump
Representative Thrasher
Representative Tobin
Representative Ulmer
Representative Jim Weiers
Representative Jerry Weiers
Representative Young Wright

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