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Arizona Corporation Commission Approves TEP Energy Efficiency Program Restoration

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The Arizona Corporation Commission voted at its February 6th, 2019 meeting to approve Tucson Electric Power’s (TEP) proposed energy efficiency programming budget of $22.9 million dollars. This approval will allow the Pima County utility to restore programs that have been on hold since their plan was initially released.

"By restoring funding for energy-saving programs, the Arizona Corporation Commission heeded the call from Tucson business owners, organizations, and ratepayers,” said Aaron Kane, the Field Associate of the Arizona PIRG Education Fund. “TEP customers will benefit from increased opportunities to cut down on energy waste, which will lower electric bills and improve public health.”

The Commission’s vote will allow for popular residential and commercial energy-savings programs to be restored. Some of the offerings included in TEP’s energy efficiency programs are air conditioner tune-ups, duct sealing, and new heating and cooling systems.

“Saving these crucial programs means that Southern Arizonans will continue to reap the rewards of energy efficiency,” said Jeff Schlegel, Arizona Representative for SWEEP.  “Energy efficiency programs in the greater Tucson area return about $5.00 in benefits for every $1.00 spent. By voting to expand TEP’s energy efficiency programs, the Arizona Corporation Commission made a statement that energy efficiency isn’t simply an additive program, but rather, a core part of a utilities’ business operations.”

TEP submitted its 2018 Energy Efficiency Implementation Plan on August 1st, 2017. Since TEP’s plan was released, numerous businesses and individuals across Pima County sent letters to the Commission in support of the utility’s energy efficiency programs.

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