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ENERGY EFFICIENT ARIZONA—An efficiency program already on the books could bring Arizonans $9 billion in energy savings. We're working to convince the Arizona Corporation Commission to let that program become reality.


Just like you wouldn’t leave your windows open with your AC running, Arizona shouldn’t needlessly waste energy.

Unfortunately, as it stands, we are wasting too much. Every year, our energy use increases. Increased energy use is driving up electric bills. And all this energy use means more air pollution from power plants.

In fact, Arizona’s energy demand is expected to double in the next 20 years.

The good news is, there is a program on the books that could reduce energy waste and save Arizonans up to $9 billion. How? By implementing commonsense solutions like energy-efficient appliance rebates, and encouraging shade screens and weatherization, all of which would mean more energy-efficient homes and businesses.

The utilities are already starting to play ball. But a few decision-makers at the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), whose job it is to help us put these improvements in place, are standing in the way of implementing this program. 

So Arizona PIRG is building public support across the state to bring Arizona the energy efficiency that we deserve, to decrease waste, save money, and clean our air.

Take action today, and tell the ACC to stand up for an energy efficient Arizona.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Safe Energy

Consumers Continue to Pay the Price for Shortsighted Energy Policies

Arizona’s consumers will spend over $98 million more at the gas pump in 2005 than they should because of shortsighted automobile fuel economy policies, according to a report released today by the Arizona PIRG Education Fund.

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Report | Arizona PIRG Education Fund

The future is here—but we’re living in the past.

Clean energy from the sun and wind can provide for our energy needs without the global consequences of pollution, yet we’re still producing and consuming virtually all of our energy in ways that do lasting damage to our environment, our health and our climate. To make matters worse, much of the dirty energy we produce goes to waste.

News Release

Two small explosions last night at a Texas chemical facility highlight that comprehensive emergency regulations need to be enforced more strictly at chemical plants.

News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund

Today, four of Arizona’s utility regulators at the Arizona Corporation Commission decided to delay again the start of new programs that would save money and energy for Tucson Electric Power customers. While the Commission approved increased funding for energy efficiency programs overall, their decision denied immediate utility bill relief to renters, schools, businesses, and other customers.

News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund

Clean energy advocates and leaders from across the West are urging policymakers to enact policies and support investments in renewable energy and efficiency that would modernize our electric system while slashing greenhouse gas emissions. With President Obama calling for action to address climate disruption in his State of the Union address, and thousands of others marching on Washington this past weekend, a series of white papers and a video are being released to help illustrate how adopting a Clean Energy Vision rather than business as usual will move the West forward.

News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund

The Salt River Project Board of Directors voted to support the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee with $1 million. The Arizona PIRG Education Fund and ratepayers had urged members of the SRP Board to vote “no.”

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