With the end date for Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard approaching, the elected members of the Arizona Corporation Commission should learn from the past and be aspirational and results-oriented heading into the future.

Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard

When the Commission established Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard, it was touted as one of the strongest efficiency policies in the nation. And the praise was well-founded. Energy efficiency, which reduces electricity waste, is a smart investment. From 2010-2017, every $1 of ratepayer money invested in energy efficiency by Arizona Public Service and Tucson Electric Power returned ~$4.00 in benefits to ratepayers. 

Through Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard, the Commission has set our state on an energy path which is not only good for our pocketbooks but also for air quality and public health. Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard has also helped reduce water consumption and contributed to local job creation and our state’s economy.

Time for the Next Step

As the Commission deliberates its next steps on energy efficiency, here are two considerations Commissioners should keep in mind:

  1. A strong standard will accomplish more than a goal. “Standards” are part of everyday life from students needing to pass their finals to graduate to responsibilities at the workplace that need to be maintained. In large part, the reason Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard has worked is due to requirements the Commission has placed on utilities. Without a Standard, it is unlikely our state’s utilities would have significantly increased the use of energy efficiency resources.
  2. Arizonans support energy efficiency. According to an energy poll of Arizona voters we released earlier this year, nearly seven-in-ten (68%) agree that regulations applied to utility providers, such as Arizona Public Service, Tucson Electric Power, UNS Energy Corporation, or Salt River Project should be increased to ensure they are offering energy efficiency to all their customers.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has the power to make our electricity cleaner and our bills more affordable. The next step is setting a stronger Standard.

Call for a strong energy efficiency standard

Tell our policy makers to help Arizonans save money by acting now to extend and expand energy efficiency plans and programs.