Arizona PIRG Education Fund Staff

Diane E. Brown
Arizona PIRG Education Fund
Executive Director
(602) 252-9227

Diane E. Brown has been the Executive Director of the Arizona Public Interest Research Group (Arizona PIRG) Education Fund, a statewide public interest education organization, since 2004. In her role, she is responsible for coordinating research, policy development, and coalition and media outreach.

Diane has co-authored several reports including “Transparency 2.0: Using the Internet for Budget Transparency to Increase Accountability, Efficiency and Taxpayer Confidence” and “Building an Energy-Efficient Arizona: Opportunities to Save Money and Reduce Pollution."

Diane is a leader in coalition efforts to increase clean energy and ensure high quality, low cost health care for Arizonans. Her work has helped to secure victories at the Arizona Corporation Commission including an increase of the state's Renewable Energy Standard and adoption of one of the nation's strongest Energy Efficiency Standards.

She is an active participant in the Governor's Climate Change Oversight Group and the State's Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Group, and is a member of the Southeast Valley League of Women Voters.

She has appeared on television and radio and in newspapers across the state including the Arizona Republic and Arizona Capitol Times.

Prior to moving to Arizona, Diane served as the Executive Director of Illinois PIRG for 15 years. Diane began working with the state PIRGs in New Jersey in 1985, where she served as a Campus Organizer and Citizen Outreach Director.

Diane received a Masters of Education in Human Services and Administration from Springfield College in Massachusetts in 1985.

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